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Terms of Service

The following terms and conditions govern all use of Sporbro services, available on the website, mobile App, or any third-party applications created by Sporbro and offering Sporbro services.
  1. Service ChangesDisregarding the status and version of Sporbro (alpha, beta, etc), the features and options of Sporbro may change at any time. For example, the entire services of Sporbro may be free, but then divide into Basic and premium accounts for a monthly fee, to unlock all the features. In the case of pricing changes, premium subscribed users will be notified one month beforehand.
  2. Information AuthenticitySporbro is open to any kind of user to register and use the services instantly. Therefore, the Sporbro team does not guarantee the authenticity or credibility of user information entered. This includes wrongful intentions of users. Please be careful when creating new sport-partner relationships, especially cross-gender. First take a look at the person's past history of matches, and comments from other users, to understand how safe it is to meet this person in real-life.
  3. PrivacySporbro will not reveal your contact information to strangers. This includes telephone number, email, and skype ID. The only people who have the privilage to see your contact information are partners who you have either approached, or partners that you have accepted. Other than that, your information is kept safe
  4. ResponsibilityIt is your responsibility to provide as accurate and truthful information about yourself as possible. Doing so will strengthen the search system and make you easily found by people of similar interests.